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OIAM : Good Bye DAYANG !!!
Sunday, September 17, 2006
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Top-4 OIAM - isk isk isk... now out but congratulation Dayang !!!

Sia Bilang :
Sedih juga Dayang out tapi memang bukan rezeki dia untuk OIAM ini.. tak per dia kan penyanyi yang sudah diiktiraf.. lepas nie rezeki bertambah bah.. siapa tau kan? go go girl .. so lepas nie ada 3 orang lagi iaitu Alif, Suki dan Faizal.. sia rasa la kan, SUKI will be the 1st OIAM winner !!! if selepas nie ada OIAM lagi laa hehe ♥

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
OIAM top-4 : Alif, Suki, Dayang, Faizal

♥The final will be held at the Dewan Merdeka PWTC on Friday Sept 22nd 2006.
♥The show will go live from 9:15pm until 11:45pm
♥As with previous shows - you will be voting out the 3rd placed finalist by the 22nd - then the top 2 will battle it out with the winner being annouched that night.
♥The doors will open by 7.45pm The red carpet will begin at 8.30pm Doors close by 9:00pm
♥After the show: 11.45pm there will be a press conference then the after-party.
♥Tickets are limited (much smaller than MI finale)
♥Thet are free and only obtainable through contests or Quickie. BlueHyppo will have a number of tickets and we will be sorting names soon.

Official Website: http://oneinamillion.bluehyppo.com
posted by F!oNa @ 10:14 AM  
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